International Seminars

African Business Leaders - July 2017

AJC Project Interchange, in cooperation with AJC’s Africa Institute, hosted its fifth delegation of African leaders in Israel, specifically focused on agriculture and renewable energy. Members of the delegation included highly accomplished CEOs and entrepreneurs. While Africa is rich in natural resources, there are important bilateral benefits to be realized through expanded exchange of agricultural technology between Israel and Africa. Studies have shown that advances in agriculture are an extremely effective driver of economic growth in developing economies as it reduces rural poverty, increases food security, and stimulates broad-based economic growth. Since Israel’s founding, the country’s agricultural sector has been tasked with maintaining high yields despite severe and chronic water shortages. For years, Africa has made remarkable advances through the integration of Israeli agricultural technology.

This seminar provided participants with opportunities to explore potential agricultural exchange and collaboration with Israeli counterparts, as well as learn about Israel’s accumulated experience and agro-technological advances. Sessions with a diverse line-up of speakers also focused on Israel as the Start-Up Nation, Israel’s economy, and Israeli history, politics, society and regional dynamics. Visits to historical and religious sites allowed for an important counterpoint to one on one meetings connecting these important African business leaders with appropriate Israeli start-ups.

UN Ambassadors - July 2017

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon escorted a delegation of ambassadors to the UN on a trip to Israel, organized by AJC Project Interchange and led by David Harris, CEO, AJC and Myra Clark-Siegel, Director of Communications and Senior Strategic Counsel, AJC Project Interchange.

The delegation of 9 ambassadors from Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe marked the sixth time that AJC brought a group of UN Ambassadors to Israel, and the third time the group is led by Ambassador Danon and AJC.

To provide a deeper understanding of the geopolitical and security challenges Israel faces, the ambassadors traveled throughout Israel, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Northern border and Southern region. Visits to hi-tech and agricultural research facilities demonstrated Israel’s role as a world leader in innovations with global impact.

They met with Israeli officials and academic experts, as well as with Israelis representative of the country’s diverse population. Meetings took place on topics specific to the United Nations 2030 Global Agenda, including special needs, gender equality and women’s empowerment, and food security.

The delegation also traveled to Ramallah to meet with Palestinian government officials and with Palestinian entrepreneurs, to discuss co-existence opportunities, including the new joint Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian Industrial Zone.

Both in Israel and in Ramallah, the ambassadors will discuss with officials current challenges to advancing the peace process.

Indian and Sri Lankan Policy and Media Leaders Seminar-August 2017

Indian and Sri Lankan Policy and Media Leaders Seminar

In coordination with AJC’s Asia Pacific Institute, Project Interchange will be hosting a delegation of Indian and Sri Lankan Political and Media Leaders in Israel from August 12-18, 2017. Participants include highly accomplished and influential politicians and media leaders representing different geographic regions in India and Sri Lanka.

India and Israel are celebrating 25 years of the establishment of diplomatic ties, evidenced through the July historic visit to Israel by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the first Indian prime minister ever to do so.

This seminar is designed to both build upon positive Israel-India relations and enhance Sri Lanka-Israel connections, and to highlight Israel’s political system, media, and diverse society and culture. Sessions will focus on Israel as the Start-Up Nation; journalism from Israeli and Palestinian perspectives; humanitarian aid; Israel-Palestinian co-existence; and security challenges in the region.

Participants will also visit areas of historical and religious importance around the country including the Old City of Jerusalem, the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa, and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. While in Israel, the delegation will commemorate Indian Independence Day by attending a private ceremony at the residence of the Indian Ambassador to Israel.

This seminar marks PI’s second delegation of Indian and Sri Lankan political and media leaders. The first seminar was held in 2016.

Japanese Foreign Ministry Officials - July 2017

In coordination with AJC’s Asia Pacific Institute, Project Interchange will host a delegation of 12 Japanese Foreign Ministry Officials in Israel.

This seminar is designed to further enhance Israel-Japanese relations. The program will include sessions focused on Israel’s geopolitical and security challenges; cybersecurity; foreign policy; and economic cooperation. Highlights of an intense itinerary include meetings with officials from Israel’s Foreign Ministry and Knesset, policy and academic leaders; trips to the northern and southern borders; a visit to the Jericho Agro Industrial Park, of which Japan is an active partner; and meetings with Palestinian academic and political leaders.

Participants will also visit areas of historical and religious importance around the country, including the Old City of Jerusalem, the White City of Tel Aviv – a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. The seminar will include a festive dinner with the Japanese Ambassador to Israel. This seminar marks Project Interchange’s first delegation from Japan.

European Union Officials - May 2017

In coordination with AJC’s Transatlantic Institute, AJC Project Interchange will host a delegation of European Union Officials for an educational seminar in Israel. Participants on this delegation include assistants to Members of the European Parliament from a wide variety of European countries and staff serving in European foreign ministries.

Meetings with high-level government and civil leaders from Israeli society will allow the participants to immerse themselves in several important issues they often assess during their roles in the European Union and European Parliament such as Israeli foreign policy, Palestinian society and the peace process, and high-tech innovation. Participants will have the opportunity to travel to the Northern borders as well as the Southern region via helicopter to gain a first-hand understanding of Israel’s unique security situation and regional challenges. The seminar will also highlight Israel’s vibrant society and culture through a walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, a visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, and dinners with invited Israeli guests.

UNESCO Ambassadors - March 2017

Project Interchange will sponsor its first delegation to Israel of UNESCO Ambassadors, with high-level briefings and site visits providing the ambassadors a first-hand, deeper understanding of Israel.

Site visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and joint Israel-UNESCO projects will be featured during the seminar. The delegation will participate in important in-depth discussions with Israel’s top political leaders focused on Israeli foreign policy and areas of mutual concern. Specific topics of interest such as technology, higher education, and regional cooperation will be featured, as will Arab-Jewish co-existence programs and interfaith relations.

Sessions and meetings will feature the geopolitical difficulties facing Israel and the region, Israel’s strategic environment, and the diversity and complexity of Israeli society. As with all Project Interchange delegations, meetings with Palestinian Authority (PA) officials and other Palestinian leaders will provide additional insight into life in the PA and the complexities of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

Colombian Media & Opinion Leaders - April 2017

AJC Project Interchange, in collaboration with AJC’s Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Institute of Latino and Latin American Affairs (BILLA), will host its second delegation of Colombian media and opinion leaders to Israel. The delegation includes 11 leaders representing academia and journalism (print, radio, TV and social media). The delegation will meet with a wide range of prominent Israeli thought leaders including journalists, innovators, and government officials.

Participants will visit cities in Northern and Southern Israel to learn about Israel’s geopolitical concerns, as well as experience hands-on Israeli agricultural innovation through meetings with water desalination experts. Sessions throughout the week will also include discussions about Arab-Israeli society, Israel’s foreign policy, humanitarian aid, Palestinian society and the peace process, and visits to historic sites including the Old City of Jerusalem. As with all delegations, this group will travel to the Palestinian Authority to meet with Palestinian opinion leaders. This seminar intends to capitalize on last year’s successes and provide opportunities for dialogue and collaboration, as Colombia is often regarded Israel’s most prominent ally in South America.

International Legal Forum

AJC Project Interchange, in cooperation with the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IAJLJ), will host a delegation of 12 European prosecutors and judges in Israel. The International Legal Forum will consist of influential professionals and emerging leaders in the legal field across Europe, and will provide training so that professionals in justice systems in Europe can identify and prosecute anti-Semitic incidents in their countries. Countries represented in the delegation include Albania, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

During the seminar, the delegation will have unfiltered access to Supreme Court justices, top-level legal experts, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, and members of Israel’s Knesset (Parliament). These meetings and panels will provide new professional contacts and references for participants while simultaneously allowing for the sharing of best practices with Israeli counterparts. Meetings will also be arranged with experts in the Palestinian judicial system, Sharia law, and international law.

Additionally, seminar participants will meet with experts on combatting anti-Semitism in cyberspace; developing a working definition of anti-Semitism; and building Israel-Europe relations. Participants will also visit historic, cultural, and religious sites, and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, to gain a deeper understanding of Israeli society and history.

Brazilian Political Leaders - February 2017

A delegation of senior Brazilian political leaders, including Members of the Brazilian Congress, will travel to Israel with AJC Project Interchange for intensive dialogue, briefings and information-sharing with their counterparts.

This is the 4th delegation AJC Project Interchange has organized in partnership with the Federation of Jewish Communities of Brazil (CONIB); the Jewish Federation of São Paulo (FISESP); and the Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Institute for Latino and Latin American Affairs.

This educational seminar is intended to provide a comprehensive overview and first-hand understanding of Israeli politics, society, and the complicated realities of the region. While in Israel, participants will be introduced to a wide range of experts, including Israeli government officials, Israel-based Brazilian diplomats, Palestinian leaders, academics, and tech entrepreneurs and innovators.

Topics on the agenda include Israel’s geopolitical strategy and foreign policy, Israeli-Palestinian coexistence initiatives, humanitarian aid programs, high-tech innovation, media reporting in the region, and water technology. The delegation will travel much of Israel, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, as well as a geo-strategic helicopter tour of Israel’s Northern borders and Southern region. Meetings with Palestinian leaders will take place in the Palestinian Authority. The group will also visit Yad Vashem and holy sites in the Old City of Jerusalem.

German Politicians and Journalists - February 2017

AJC Project Interchange, in coordination with AJC Berlin Ramer Institute for German-Jewish Relations, is hosting its ninth delegation of German leaders in Israel. The delegation is comprised of high-level political and civil society leaders, including representation from the Foreign Office and Parliament offices, and elite journalists from a number of Germany’s major publications.

Participants will meet with Members of Knesset (Israel’s Parliament), academics from top Israeli and Palestinian institutes, and prominent Israeli, Arab-Israeli, and Palestinian media experts. The delegation will travel throughout Israel, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Israel’s Northern and Southern regions, and Ramallah in the Palestinian Authority.

Briefings will expand the participants’ awareness of Israel’s security environment, media landscape, entrepreneurship and innovation, and promote sharing of best practices in areas such as counter-terrorism, humanitarian aid, and co-existence. Also on the itinerary are visits to historical and religious sites, and discussions about Israeli-Palestinian relations, regional dynamics, and international law. The delegation will be accompanied by AJC Berlin Director Deidre Berger as well as AJC Berlin Public Affairs Officer, Fabian Weissbarth.